Our Anti-Fast Fashion Stance

You will notice that our pricing is on the higher end.

But there is a reason behind this.



Yes, you can get similar clothing for a lot less from fast fashion brands like Shein. However, their business model is all about providing the cheapest prices for their clothing - no matter how dirt cheap.

But behind the dirt cheap prices are the dirt cheap human costs, which in our opinion is even dirtier. 

Recently, an undercover investigation revealed that workers at one of the factories for Shein work up to 18 hours a day with no weekends off, and just one day off per month.

Also discovered  was that workers get a base salary of 4,000 yuan per month, which is the equivalent of $556 to make 500 pieces of clothing...



That's .02 cents per item the sewer makes!!



And if they make one mistake (God forbid), they are fined 2/3rds of their wages.

It's because of this terrible human cost that there needs to be more transparency and social responsibility regarding how our clothing is made.

This is why It Actually Fits has taken the social responsibility to make sure the garment workers we work with receive a living wage - which is why our pricing is on the higher end. And thankfully, we have worked with an organization that believes in our social responsibility!

Therefore, with any of our clothing items that you purchase, you are taking a stance on the lack of transparency and social responsibility when it comes to the human cost of fashion. And we greatly appreciate it!



FAQ: while I appreciate your stance on paying garment workers a living wage, is the price of your clothing worth it?


Absolutely and here's why!

Because every single one of our in-stock clothing is made by a garment worker earning a living wage, we 100% guarantee you that the clothes are sewn of the highest quality. 

Therefore, when you receive our clothing, you know with confidence that the item will last for years to come, encouraging you to wear it over and over again!