Why Us?

Tailor Made

Finding clothes with no alterations required isn't easy - actually, it's really tough. You're bound to spend days, even MONTHS searching for what you need and become frustrated by how much time you've wasted. I'd be lying to you if I didn't do this too. 

That's why you need a one-stop shop for your clothing needs. You need tailor-made clothing.

It took 3 years to create IAF. And during those 3 years, I selected the most comfortable & high-quality fabrics, made sure the designs of the clothing were not constricting, and gathered as much data as possible to create our sizing chart. Hence, the clothes "actually fit".

While it took me 3 years to develop tailor-made clothing, it only should take a mere few seconds for you to have it.


High Quality


I probably shouldn't tell you this but...

The fast fashion industry is lying to you!

First, they are making you buy more clothing than you actually need. ⁣

In fact, clothing production doubled between 2000 to 2014! That means the number of garments you purchase each year has increased by 60!!

However, with the current manufacturing technology and fabrics, those clothes should have high quality to them, right? ⁣

This is the second thing on how the fashion industry is wasting your money; a study done by the International Journal of Consumer Studies found that fast fashion clothes are specifically designed to last no more than 10 wears!

Regardless of if you wear something once or twice a week, basically, in two months, that item of clothing will start to fall apart and thus, can no longer be wearable.⁣

And when these clothes are no longer wearable, they are thrown out and now become part of the 11.9 million downs of textile waste! ⁣

This is the third thing on how the fashion industry is wasting your money – they are encouraging you to buy disposable clothes that will just be tossed out anyways so you can buy another disposable one in the same style.⁣

This cycle ends right now because It Actually Fits has produced high-quality clothing that will actually SAVE you money because you won't need to buy another A-line skirt or Ankle Pant for years to come!


Social Responsibility


We firmly believe in working with a manufacturer who pays their garment works a living wage. 

If you would like to learn more, please click here to read our anti-fast fashion stance.