Why Us?



As a woman with dwarfism, you're curious as to what makes IAF different from other dwarfism clothing brands.

Well, besides our belief that every little woman needs to look and feel like an adult through versatile clothes that give you both professional and casual looks…

Our collection has three items that are the FIRST to be designed for women with dwarfism that will actually fit! No alterations are needed!

These items, along with everything else, were influenced by the overall high cost of alterations needed to be done for an average-height clothing item to fit a little woman comfortably!


  • The sleeve length is perfect, meeting right at the wrist due to the elastic. No more bunching of the sleeves, well as the annoyance of constantly having to roll them up. Also, the shoulder seams are not in the middle of your arm. Overall, you have saved yourself $35 from having to alter the sleeves!


  •  And the overall length will be right at your hips. Unlike other sweaters where the length is at your knees, making it look like you are drowning in it, you can finally wear a top made to "actually fit". Plus, you have saved yourself $20 from having to alter the length!


  • Because this sweater is designed to actually fit, by purchasing this sweater, you are saving a total of $55!


  • Finally, a jacket on the market that meets all your needs as an LP! It's 100% adult-looking, comfortable, and stylish! You won’t find any frills or juvenile characters.



A-line Dress

  • Almost all the dresses for little women are maxi/wrap styles. However, the maxi/wrap style dresses when they aren't altered can be way too long; making it look like you are wearing a nightgown!


  • And because of this frustration, you can’t buy cute dresses without having to pay an extra $60.


  • But now, you no longer have to feel frustrated because we have designed this A-line dress to meet at your knees! Also, the dress has fitted, wide straps. 
Get one of our one-of-a-kind items today!