Ankle Pant for Women with Dwarfism

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Designed for you!

Our Ankle-style, versatile pair of pants can be worn either with a long sleeve shirt for a more professional look, or a cozy sweater to grab a cup of coffee.

No matter the size of the booty, these pants will fit you due to the expandable waistband! Rather than trying to diminish it, why not own a piece of clothing that shows off your best asset?

With the correct placement of the crotch, no crotch gap will be found anywhere! You can let go of that uncomfortable look of pants being way too big on you. 

And no need to alter the length of these pants due to the perfect overall length. You just saved yourself $14! Oh, and did we mention these pants have pockets??

You do not need another pair of pants that are advertised skinny but then change into a book cut once altered. You need TRUE ankle-style pants where alterations are not needed and thus will ALWAYS be the skinny style.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. 

The model is wearing a Tall/Small


55% Polyester 40% Rayon 5% Spandex

Why us?

These clothes are designed to give you BOTH casual and professional looks. Why not get your money's worth from these clothes?

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