Asymmetrical Skirt for Women with Dwarfism

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Designed for you!

This is a tailored, versatile A-line skirt that can be paired with a blouse for a professional look or an adorable body suit to keep it casual.

With an expandable waist, this will be one of the most comfortable skirts to wear. This skirt is adaptable for you whether you're standing, walking, or sitting.

This skirt has a zipper in the back to give you that extra sense of security for the skirt not falling down. While zippers aren't the most adaptable, you can zipper the skirt in front of you, then twist it to the back with ease.

And lastly, the hem of this skirt will be right at your knees. Not only will this save you $14 in alterations, but also this skirt won't make you look shorter than you need to be!

For once in your life, you need a skirt that is tailored to your body, will actually fit, and make you look and feel like the adult that you are! 

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

The model is wearing a Standard/Medium 


55% Polyester 40% Rayon 5% Spandex

Why us?

These clothes are designed to give you BOTH casual and professional looks. Why not get your money's worth from these clothes?

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