Loose Tee for Women with Dwarfism

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Designed for you!

Our Loose tee is a versatile top that comes in two colors, Garnet & Ginger, and can be worn casually with jeans or sweatpants, or professionally with a skirt.

With a wide neckline, you will never have to struggle in getting this loose tee on and off, which is an adaptable design you have been wishing for more in today's clothing.

Also, the sleeve length is perfect, meeting right at the wrist, saving you $15!

And the overall length will be right at your hips. Unlike other shirts where the length is at your knees, making it look like you are drowning in it, you can finally wear a top made to "actually fit".

Lastly, the shoulder seams are not in the middle of your arm. You no longer have to accept purchasing tops that vaguely fit anymore!

It's time for you to own a top that is cozy, adaptable for you, can be worn multiple ways, require no alterations, and more importantly, make you look like the adult that you are!

Manufactured in the U.S.A

The model is wearing a Tall/Small


54% Polyester 43% Rayon 3% Spin Rib Slub

Why us?

These clothes are designed to give you BOTH casual and professional looks. Why not get your money's worth from these clothes?

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