Jacket for Dwarf Women

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Say Goodbye to Alterations!

Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your clothes because of your height? Our Dwarf Women Jacket is specifically tailored to fit you to a tee, with perfect placement of shoulder seams, sleeve length, and overall body and length.

Say goodbye to the annoyance of the shoulder seams being in the middle of your arm, rolling up your sleeves, or having to spend $40 - $85 on alterations – this jacket will fit you like a glove and make you look stunning!

Manufactured in the U.S.A.

Both the first & second models are wearing a Standard/Small. The second model is wearing a Petite/Small


66%Rayon 30%Nylon 4%SP Vortex Ponti

Why us?

It took 3 years to create IAF. And during those 3 years, I selected the most comfortable & high-quality fabrics, made sure the designs of the clothing were not constricting and gathered as much data as possible to create this one-of-a-kind sizing chart.

Also, these clothes will last for years - not months. 


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