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Recently, Sophia was in D.C. as a representative for the Women’s Sports Foundation to discuss girls and women having the opportunity to play any sport they desire, as well as having equal rights.

Using the clothes in her closet, she came up with an outfit – except one thing was missing to fully complete the look…

A jacket.

However, as a busy 2x Paralympian and tour guide for the Colorado Springs Olympic & Paralympic Training Center, she needed a tailor-made jacket that would fit her to a tee.

She had no idea that such a simple requirement would take so long to find...

How about MONTHS??

Therefore, she reached a point where she really needed a one-stop shop that had what she was looking for ASAP...

And she did!

“Fits great, having been looking for a jacket for months and this is what I wanted!”


It Actually Fits Story


As a little woman who is 4’3, I understand how important it is to find adult-looking clothing with no alterations required. I also understand how much time, money, and energy you have spent trying to find these clothes – both in the kid’s section and the petite section. This is why, at the age of 17, I knew I needed to create a one-stop shop clothing line for women with dwarfism.

While I was used to paying for alterations, I realized over time, I was paying more in alterations per year than the clothes themselves. And while I tended to shop more in the kid’s section because the alterations wouldn’t be a lot, I was annoyed that I was still shopping in the kid’s section as an adult!

However, shopping in the petite section wasn’t any better because the majority of the clothes required major alterations. Alterations that I really wasn’t in the mood to spend money on.

You and I shouldn't have to go through these shopping struggles anymore! Besides having one-of-a-kind clothing items no other dwarfism clothing brand has, It Actually Fits has high-quality, tailor-made clothing that fits your spending budget – whether it’s under $100 or over.

As the brand continues to grow and produce future collections, our promise to you is that the clothes will ALWAYS make you look and feel like an adult, be of high quality, and be 100% designed with you and your dwarfism type in mind.

Although there are 400 different types of dwarfism, my commitment is to make sure every little woman has adult-looking clothes that “actually fit”. And you can make this happen by providing your measurements anonymously! Click here to fill out the form.

Dwarfism is here to stay and it’s high time we are included in the fashion world.


- Lisa, Owner of IAF