About Us

The lack of inclusion for women with dwarfism in the fashion industry made us do it.




It Actually Fits is a USA clothing brand with adult-looking clothes for women with achondroplasia.

After 3 years creating this brand, from the fabric choices to the versatility designs to the 2 fittings, It Actually Fits has solved your number one struggle:


What can I wear that will make me look AND feel like the adult that I am?


Created by someone who is 4’3, I completely understand your clothing struggles such as finding pieces without needing major alterations to accepting clothes that vaguely fit. Therefore, It Actually Fits believes in the revolutionary idea that women with dwarfism need clothes that will actually fit.


Our ultimate goal is for you, when wearing our clothes, to confidently feel like an adult woman with dwarfism!



Why the Name?

There are rare occasions where you can find something that fits with no alterations needed. When this does happen, it’s a eureka momentYou want to express that excitement, that joy, or that happiness. To us, there is no better phrase to capture these emotions than it actually fits!

There is the emotion behind our name - and no amount of money can buy a positive emotion.


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