What Makes IAF Different


If you like seeing the exact dollar amount saved, then continue on reading...


Imagine this: the anticipation of prom night buzzing in the air, promising a whirlwind of glitz and glam. But for me, as a woman with dwarfism, every dress seemed to come with a price tag as tall as a skyscraper thanks to alterations. Can't really dance with a huge amount of fabric in front of you can you?


Talk about a buzzkill! Who knew feeling fabulous could come with such a hefty price tag? $100 here (twice!), $120 there (twice!)  – it was like my bank account was on a crash diet.


Fast forward to my friend's wedding, and there I was again, facing the daunting task of finding a dress with hopefully less than $100 worth of alterations. As I scoured online, feeling more like a pirate searching for treasure, I stumbled upon the holy grail – my friend's bridesmaid pick in the kids' section!


Yep, you read that right. A dress meant for someone half my age ended up being my saving grace, especially my wallet as I didn't need alterations. 


Despite this fashion miracle, something was missing. I would have loved to see exactly how much I saved by not getting certain alterations...


Which is exactly why in each IAF order, you will receive a Alterations Saving Sheet highlighting the total amount of money you just saved by purchasing a piece of our clothing.


For example, if someone ordered three of IAF's best sellers - ruched top, skirt, & jacket - each item is highlighted which shows a grand total of $220 this person just saved! 


As an added bonus, you'll also get a breakdown of the specific types of alterations that coincide with the savings.




No smoke and mirrors, just straight-up honesty! 


Ready to start saving but are unsure of your perfect fit? Don't hesitate to ask! You can use the chat box or email me lisa@itactuallyfits.com