I Enjoy Shopping More Than Ever…And So Can You




With This Game Changer, I Hit the Clothing Jackpot Over & Over Again. 


You know the phrase, “it only takes one thing.” I bet you can think of that “one thing,” either positive or negative, that changed your whole perspective.


Especially as someone with dwarfism.


It only took one bullying moment to realize that you were born different.


It only took one person to videotape you and make you feel self-conscious walking down the street.


It only took one LPA convention to make you feel so included in a world not designed for you.


It only took one shopping trip where, for the first time in your life, you tried something on that fit.


That happened to me.


It was a romper from H&M.


I looked at myself in the mirror in disbelief, opened the changing room door, and exclaimed to my mom, “Mom, it fits!”


Up to that point, shopping for clothes was a chore for me.


Every piece I tried on, no matter what store it came from, had to be altered.


I 100% appreciate my seamstress's patience in altering my clothes to fit me over the years. But taking the time out of my day to see her became tedious over time.


Trying on that romper created a light bulb moment for me. I realized it is possible to find clothes that fit. It is possible to enjoy shopping.


To turn this possibility into reality, I needed to know my measurements.


Putting something on that fits is awesome.


But putting on a piece of clothing, then another, then another, and they all fit...


It's like hitting the clothing jackpot.


And it wouldn't have been possible without memorizing my measurements.


Memorizing my measurements became a total game changer for me. I haven’t seen my seamstress in years.


Experience this game changer for yourself! Here is my free measurement guide (along with pictures) where you can measure your body in less than 10 minutes, even if you’re by yourself!


But wait…


If you’re thinking to yourself, “Lisa, I already know my measurements. My problem is, when looking at a sizing chart, I’m in between sizes. Therefore, I have no idea what size I am.”


That’s where It Actually Fits comes in.


I will take the sizing guesswork out for you.


But I will also go one step beyond providing you with your size…


I will provide you with a Frustration-free, Insightful, Tailored, and Superb one-on-one shopping experience.


In 24 hours, you will get:

  • A personalized shopping cart with clothing items based on your feedback
  • In your size, tailored to fit, no alterations required
  • All without those pesky shopping frustrations. You know, being stared at, or videotaped, or a salesperson wondering what you're doing in the store.


I guarantee that I will work with you free of charge to make sure you have the best mental shopping experience.


With this offer, you will take the enjoyment of shopping for clothes to a whole new level! I can’t wait to work with you in making sure that it happens to you.


Ready to work together? As soon as you know your measurements, click here to get started.